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My friend wingnut and I were discussing psy-trance production last weekend, and how cool it would be if we were both producers. I thought I'd take this a step further and attempt to describe my ideal track.

If you were a producer (or perhaps you already are), what would your ideal dark psy-trance track sound like? Are there sounds that would be present of which you've never heard before, and can barely fathom in your own imagination? Perhaps there are some that you have heard and would like to use as well.

Mine would be something like this:

1. a varying bassline that has harmonic dissonance with the lead melody about most, but not all of the time. Not sure about the BPM yet, but it will be about the average full-on tempo.

2. Include reverberated percussion that alternates in cycles of 2-4 unique samples. More than one set of percussion may be present in the same track.

3. The samples are going to be difficult to explain. But most would have some kind of tone for the track to be melodic. An older thread in this tribe describes sounds that invoke a primal instinct of fear to the [human] brain. So that is something I would attempt, with years of research to be certain. There will also be samples of strange animals crying out in pain, or perhaps a verbal display of aggression. I'd also like to toy with including samples from various popular video games from the NES, SNES, and Genesis gaming consoles.

In essence, my track would be a very driving, epic, full-on piece with emphasis on melody.

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I recently read an interview with Ghreg on Earth, and he described that he tries to parallel his music with the likeness of a story: "In all honesty, I think of music like writing a story. There are chapters. There is a plot." This is a very good ideology to have when writing music, because it is one of the best ways to stimulate the imagination in my opinion.
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    Re: your ideal dark psy-trance track

    Tue, November 15, 2005 - 5:58 PM
    is there a reason you aren't a producer? that was very specific, perhaps you should get started! make it so.

    my ideal track right now would be:
    ripping neuro bassline
    clippy mid range beats
    layers of loopy nutty noise
    general feeling of darkness
    a sample that points out a sad truth of life
    under it all, a fiant melody that sounds like a glimmer of hope
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    Re: your ideal dark psy-trance track

    Tue, November 15, 2005 - 8:13 PM
    WERD, Adelbert.

    Well we have very similar tastes, but I'll attempt to describe my ideal track anyway.

    1. Varying bassline is a MUST! Not enough producers do this. "doof doof doof" is fine at the beginning, but I dance best when the tempo speeds up and changes form and structure.

    2. Second and third layers up should have tons of reverberation. I also love drumming, clicking/clacking, and generally industrial metallic sounds.

    3. I like minimal samples at the top layer. All those horror effects like people crying and gasping are really cool and scary, but not when overdone. Suspense is the key... like a good horror story...

    4. Near the end, some glimmer of hope please. Maybe a bit of uplifting melody to offset the terror a bit :)

    In essence, my ideal track would be: a driving, forceful piece that is at once suspenseful and full-on. Lots of bass and middle layer elements with minimal (but scary!!) samples at the top. I want to feel like I'm in an industrial psychedelic machine of death!!

    Also RE: samples. Verbal aggression could be really horrifying, but if it's overdone would make me laugh. Makes me think of a hardcore track I heard that kept repeating "dirty bitch" over and over.. It amused me. I think to actually terrifying the best verbal aggression samples would be disconcerting and embarrasing words. Like Alex Matutero's "nutsack" track... hehe..

    I really want to be a producer... But I have to figure out how to make the switch from classical piano playing to electronic music mixing first!!

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      Re: your ideal dark psy-trance track

      Tue, November 15, 2005 - 8:20 PM
      Examples of favorite tracks:

      CalculationMalfunction - oooh, how I wish I knew who the artist was!
      Table of Contents - Ghreg on Earth

      Horror Place/Alex Matutero is awesome, really scary stuff, but the bassline doesn't speed up and change enough. So it's more fun to listen to than dance to. However, I could change my mind if I ever saw him live.
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        Tue, November 15, 2005 - 9:22 PM

        and more scooby-doo samples please!!
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          Wed, November 16, 2005 - 11:50 AM
          I'm all about the Driving force ! create a momentum, and keep building off of it either taking the energy up or down and back to center for the next mix ...
          Lots of smooth key changes with a rippin synth to lay your ears on...
          minimal breakdown with a dynamic sample to slam the track back into ..

          my moto : " MORE POWER " ..

          but I guess I'm just a freak, so. heh heh ... =)

          Keep It Comin ! =P
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            Re: your ideal dark psy-trance track

            Wed, November 16, 2005 - 12:30 PM
            i think
            osom overgame
            is one of the greatest ones
            zik\ matutero\ horror place \ andrenal glands
            tempus fugit
            theyre kool 2
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              existing tracks

              Wed, November 16, 2005 - 12:58 PM
              This thread exists soley on the basis that you describe your own original sounds for your own original track. Citing existing tracks is cheating, and not very exciting or interesting. Anyone can tout off their favorite tracks, and there is already a thread for doing so (that I made heh).

              So knock it off, and start describing what *your* track would sound like, thought up from the depths of *your* own minds.
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                Re: existing tracks

                Wed, November 16, 2005 - 9:24 PM
                Hey, those words sound too harsh and very critical. Be nicer.

                But what he's saying is very true. I think it's fine to point out tracks that sound similar to your ideal, which I did myself, but also describe from the bottom of your creative heart what types of sounds you love to hear!! What combinations drive you insane (in a good way), what sound samples tantalize your dark side the most?
                • Re: existing tracks

                  Wed, November 16, 2005 - 10:43 PM
                  okay, i hear you, but please understand that it's hard to read about a track, however well you describe it and know what you are talking about. Especially the artists you are mentioning, like Zik and Bodhisattva - I find it hard to reduce their music to a few elements, it's always more of a whole, a complete work of art.

                  To take them apart seems to me similar to reducing Kandinsky's Composition 7 to a combination of shapes, colors, painterly techniques, brushstrokes, line here and circle there... seeing it as sum of the parts instead of a whole piece.

                  Honestly it sounds like you guys are feeling the need to write some music. Rather than doing it vicariously, maybe you ought to get down and dirty... ;)
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    Thu, November 17, 2005 - 5:30 PM
    I'll teach you how to be a producer, it's not that hard. I'm in Seattle. I work on Dark Psy everyday. If you want to just come over and give me feedback I'd be cool with that. My ideal Psy track is one that fits the rest of the set perfectly. Contributing to the overall motif of the set. I use alot of dark ambient and power noise sounds.
    • Re: your ideal dark psy-trance track

      Mon, November 21, 2005 - 4:49 PM
      I love well placed, properly processed dark movie samples. Personally, I hope one day to use (or at least hear) "it places the lotion in the basket, or else it gets the hose again" from Silence of the Lambs...

      A good example of this is "Drops of Madness" by Talamasca, the laughter at the beginning is from Jesus Christ Superstar when Jesus is being crucified. Very dark, very scary, very cool :)
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    Tue, November 22, 2005 - 3:27 PM
    OK Thisis something I am trying to do for a while, but I have lacked the sensitivity or knowledge on the how to... Although I am getting closer.

    I like hard music. Strong soul shaking kick and a low vibrating and bouncing bassline in some parts and rolling basslines in the peaks. I like percussion, but I do not like looped breaks.

    I like huge atmospherics, exploding and imploding. Cinematographic soundscapes which set you in a mystical mood. I also like some melody, even if it is just noise with some type of tonality.

    I like good spring, liquid, wet, tunnel acid lines. Sounds which are somewhat cacophonic, tribalistic and very electronic.

    I like good samples which center you and teach you something.

    Lately a good track, apart from the incredible Derango album, is the Satanic Piggy track from Wizack Twizack... If there was more like this i would play the hell out of it he he Of course I am a tad oldschool :) So it suits me just right.
    • Re: your ideal dark psy-trance track

      Tue, November 22, 2005 - 7:21 PM
      there is no ideal, it's what suits the time better...

      ghreg for industrial/neo-apocaliptic redemption a-la 'Quintessence Unfurls' works wonders for me.

      if i want something trippy but funky as hell, it would be more like Para Halu - Creatures of the Igy.

      if i want rsomething mellodic but twisted as hell, Pondscum - Style Stalker (Hyperspatial Crysalis) does the trick.

      straight out twisted... GoW - I dunno (Rmx) from Neu World Order...

      not feeling like going in epic descriptions of this stuff, i do that enough these days, but i think they all stand out well from each toher...
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        Wed, November 23, 2005 - 11:21 AM
        I've hesitated to write on this subject for a while, but I kinda have a different approach to this question.

        I don't envision an "ideal" dark psy track. I envision a story and then I seek to tell it. I do have preferences to what sounds I like to use and what elements I won't touch with a ten foot pole or a six foot norwegian.

        I'm a drum nut... I usually combine 4 to 5 different loops to create a complex beat structure or using 2 or 3 loops in combination with individual drum hits to form a polyrhythmic groove.

        Basslines have to change for me. I've experimented with keeping the same bassline throughout the whole track and whereas it's not my favorite, it can make you focus more on the other elements of the track as opposed to the bassline. For just about all my solo tracks though, I make the bassline change groove, key, at least once, but more than often 3 or more times.

        Melodies/leads.... what's that? :) Personally, one of the things that led me to drum & bass and away from Goa and Euro epic trance was the overuse of "cheese" synths. The concept of melody was limited to certain uses of the phrygian scale and the generally consisting of higher toned notes. Now I can understand that it helped separate trance from techno, but I really got burned out on Euro Progressive Trance and Anthem Trance so I tend to use tonal noises that are lower in tone and more similar to the human voice.

        Soundscapes- I.E. wierd noises... For me a must. I really believe in having an evolving atmoshpere throughout each song. I employ the use of movie soundscapes and tend to attempt to warp them a little bit to retain the atmosphere that was incorporated into the movie, but changing it enough to allow it to fit the mood of the track that I am writing. I also tend to use mechanical sounds and sounds of other strange things like ping pong balls and slot machines etc. Also in that same scheme of things I like using pitched sounds, those sounds can also be classified as leads, it depends on if I want them to take center stage or just be background sounds.

        Samples: This is something I'm not as big on. I used to use more speech samples, but I feel that this can get overdone quite a bit. That and if the movie industry ever feels like suing people, I have a bit less to worry about. When I use a vocal sample, it needs to have a connection to the feel of a track, and not just sample fodder to fill space.

        And for my tunes they should have multiple foci... I like to think that I write 3 separate tunes with the same feel and incorporate parts of them into one whole song. I'm also big into having the tracks be heavy on the energy level and have points where you can't help but dance your ass off to them. This is only my philosophy on how I write my music, and for me depending on when the track is played according to the time of evening or flow of music, that's what determines if it's an ideal track or not. But most importantly it's got to be psychedelic... It needs to have sounds that are familiar yet undefined, unique sounds that do not detract from the overall message of the tune.
        • Re: your ideal dark psy-trance track

          Thu, November 24, 2005 - 7:08 PM
          damn mr. mubali... that was a nice lesson in music making... i understand you haven't been producing for that long, but i really think you are making some important strides, and i really dig your sound, man... keep up the good work...

          p/s: you have an album coming at some point right ? or did i imagine that?
          • Re: your ideal dark psy-trance track

            Mon, November 28, 2005 - 9:43 AM
            Thanks Rah, yeah I'm still kinda new to the whole production thing. I've only been at it a little over 2 years so far. The album is almost finished and hopefully should be out Feb/March ish... Thanks for the compliments.

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